Duty Apparel takes international stage at the PDAC

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Mining industry experts show renewed interest in uniform design

           For the second year in a row, On Duty has joined the Northern Ontario contingent at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC)’s 2016 conference.

             With Canada serving as the unofficial headquarters of global mining, the PDAC commands a presence of all the major players in the industry. Originally most of the exhibits at the trade show promoted various mining properties and exploration services. In recent years, the conference has expanded to accommodate a diversity of attendees; in particular the Northern Ontario exhibit has steadily grown to occupy almost the entire front section of the venue.


Our display at PDAC

            On Duty proudly represented Northern Ontario industry alongside other local enterprises in the showcase. Many representatives in mining, drilling, and exploration approached the stand and made a point to try on vests and were impressed with the exceptional quality of the apparel. The latest upgrade to the MOLLE vests brings it into compliance with the high safety standard in the mining industry, ideal for underground and open pit mining alike.


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