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Helikon-Tex Tritan™ Bottle Wide Mouth Gear (1 Liter) - Smoked

Helikon-Tex Tritan™ Bottle Wide Mouth Gear (1 Liter) - Smoked

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  • Made of Tritan™
  • Suitable for liquids up to 90°C
  • BPA free
  • 54 mm wide inlet
  • Capacity: 1000ml
  • Compatible with Camp Cup oraz Essential Kitbag®

TRITAN™ BOTTLE Wide Mouth Gear (1 Liter) enables one to carry 1000 ml of water or any other liquid. Tritan™ does not affect the taste and is perfectly inert towards anything drinkable for humans. Additionally, the material is really tough, almost indestructible. Wide inlet allows one to scoop-up the creek water, and also to use a spoon to stir anything soluble dumped there. Last but certainly not the least – the wide neck prevents the contents from freezing up in Winter. The bottle has printed images of essential gear that you should take with you when going into the wild.