Minus 33 White Mountain Woolen Camp Blanket

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Based on Heritage: The White Mountain Woolen collection honors our roots dating back to 1916 as a textile mill specializing in heavily felted wool fabrics and blankets. With 100+ years of experience in manufacturing, we are pleased to deliver high quality, easy care woolens at an affordable price.

Inspired by Nostalgia: The White Mountain Woolen collection will bring you back to those timeless memories. Summers at your grandparents' lake cabin, crisp fall mornings learning to hunt with your Uncle John, or the annual family camping trip up north. Whatever it is for you, WMW products will symbolize those classic experiences.

Our first product in this collection was an easy choice – the classic wool camp blanket. Available in 4 buffalo plaid colorways. Use it as a throw blanket on the couch during those frigid winter months, or take it on your next camping trip as your tent floor or picnic blanket. Either way, the incredible warmth of wool is sure to keep you toasty warm. The flame resistant qualities of wool allow you to cozy right up to the campfire.


RECOMMENDED ACTIVITIES: Everyday, Hiking, Camping

FABRIC: 55% Wool, 45% Recycled Man-Made Fibers


SIZE: 62in x 80in