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Please note that not all items on our website are physically in stock in our warehouse. To bring you the newest and best quality articles in apparel and gear, we bring in many items on demand as orders are received. We make stock orders weekly with stock arriving every 7 to 10 business days.

    Three ways to detox, deep clean and beat nasty odours, this kit includes our Shampoo, Hand & Body Soap and Odour Spray in 60ml format - perfect for the locker, vehicle, go bag, gym bag or carryon, and a great gift.

    (1) Shampoo (60ml)
    (1) Hand & Body Soap (60ml)
    (1) Odour Spray (60ml)

     Bundled products are packaged together in a cellophane wrapping.

    SOOTSOAP leverages the power of Binchotan White Charcoal to draw out harmful impurities from the skin, hair and scalp to deep clean and remove unwanted odours, naturally. Our Odour Spray traps and absorbs smoke, sweat and environmental odours from fabrics. 

    Shampoo is black in colour but lathers white, with a subtle scent of fresh aloe and citrus spice.

    Hand & Body Soap is black in colour with a soft, spicy scent of coriander and lavender that will leave your skin squeaky clean and baby soft.

    Odour Spray holds a subtle scent of mint and citrus.